Digitally-compressed music is missing something real.

If you download, stream or play music on a digital device, your music is digitally-compressed. Compression can remove up to 90% of the audio details originally recorded in your favorite songs – so you're left listening to a reduced version of the real thing.
Clari-Fi music restoration technology brings music back to life.

How Clari–Fi Restores Compressed Audio

The Clari-Fi process restores the true sound of your audio track. Instantly.

Analyzes in Real Time

Analyzes in Real Time

Clari–Fi scans all types of compressed audio files for lost music details, supporting MP3, AAC, Satellite Radio, YouTube, Playback and Streaming Music Services.

Rebuilds Lost Detail

Rebuilds Lost Details

Once identified, Clari-Fi intelligently corrects waveform deficiencies based on existing music information and audio source quality.

Restores High Fidelity

Restores High-Fidelity

Music that's been 'Clari-fied' sounds clearer, crisper, wider, and more dynamic. It's more faithful to the original recording. Hear what you’ve been missing with Clari-Fi!

A Fit For
Every Format

Intelligently adjusts to every audio format to match source quality with the precise level of audio restoration necessary. Automatically. In real-time.


The Difference is Real

Clari-Fi restores the original sound of digitally-compressed audio.

Play each track to hear the difference (headphones recommended)

Compressed Audio with

Compressed Audio

Distortion of Sound

Learn more about the decline of sound quality in our award-winning documentary

The last two decades have seen a striking decline in the quality of sound and listening experience. Compressed music, MP3s and streaming, have diminished the quality and flattened the emotion. Marketing gimmicks and convenience now take the place of excellence. The Distortion of Sound is an eye-opening exposé of the current state of sound starring Linkin Park, Slash, Quincy Jones and more. This award-winning documentary will open your ears and inspire you to reach for richer, more soul-stirring musical experiences.

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